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Eddie Lengyel

DJ Eddie Lengyel has spent the last 15 years mixing up beats in some of the coolest clubs in Cleveland, he started out his DJ career spinning records and he still offers that service if you're looking for that old school vibe! Eddie graduated from the Ohio Center for Broadcasting in radio and television and has mastered his skills on the microphone, even one of his teachers nicknamed him the man with the golden pipes! Eddie Lengyel will bring that with him on your wedding or holiday parties! For the last decade, DJ Eddie Lengyel has been one of Cleveland's pioneer DJ's and you can count on him to provide your guests with the right beats to keep your party going from the beginning of the night all the way till the end.

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John B Frenden

The photographer

John Barry is an award-winning filmmaker and owner of Lakeside Studios, John will work with you and your guests and will make your wedding one remember!

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